Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Training!

1st Day- Resource Person: Atty. Ibarra Gutierrez
Professor and Director of Institute of
Human Rights UP Law Center

He taught us about:
-UDHR ( Universal Declaration of human Rights and the Rights to Information)
Article 19 that everyone has the right to give opinion and freedom of expression;to seek,receive and and impart information and ideas through any media.Thank you Atty. Gutierrez!

Resource Person: Ms.Sonia Tiong-Aquino
She taught us about: What does it take to be an Entrepreneur. Thank you Ms. Sonia!

Resource Person: Ms. Celia R. Pascual
She taught us about: Am I cut to be an Entrepreneur? and Scanning the Environment & Project identification,and in the afternoon she gave us a activity about Marketing Aspects and we really enjoy it!Thank you Ms. Celia!

2nd Day- Resource Person: Mr. Dong Cuvilla

He taught us:About the Operations and Production Aspects
Ways of Financing the Enterprise ( Self and External), The Big R ( Revise, Repair, Reject, Refund), The 4 Aspects of Business Plan ( Marketing Plan, Technical Plan, Organization Plan, Financial Plan), Uses of the Product ("if you are not remarkable, you are ignorance), Users of the Product ( users,buyers, deciders, influencers), Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, Out Flows and in the last part, he gave a activity about computing the reveneus of Longganisa Business and Car wash Business.We really enjoy! Thank you Sir. Dong!

3rd Day- Resource Person: Ms. Janette Toral
Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Trainer for E-
Business and E- Related matters.

She taught us about:
- ICT for Business
ICT and E-Business (Lecture/ Workshop). How to creat a blog. how to post in the blog, and how to vote in the blog, how to use the amazon e-store,and how to post your business in your blog. I'm very happy because, now I know what blog is. Thank you Ms. Janette Toral!

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