Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My sweet life!

About myself- I'm Jennibeth Gacusan Machacon,my friends called me "jhen",22 years old born on July 12, 1986 in Quezon City. My father's name is Ronilo Siador Machacon and my mother's name is Elvira Gacusan Machacon. I have a sister named Kristine Mae. My father and my older sister decided to live permanently in Pangasinan after my mother's death. My mother died on October 11,2003 at Capitol Medical Center in Quezon City because of Ovary Cancer.
My college life- I studied in Technological Institute of the Phlippines in Quezon City, my course is Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management. My favorite subject is Accounting because I love computing numbers.
My Family- My daughter's name is Rovie Loraine Machacon Martinez born on September 29,2005 at Quezon City. At her age she know s how to dance, sing tagalog songs, and my daugther loves to draw. I'm very proud of her because at her age of 2 she's the 3rd prize winner in Nutrition Month held in Binalonan, Pangasinan, her talent is,she sang the "Bahay Kubo" song with matching basket that fulls of vegestables in her side. The other reason why she won the contest is because of her beautiful teeth. My daughter love to brush her teeth. My husband name is Aaron Paul Lapag Martinez, he's 27 years old,born on May 19,1982. He work in Azzurro Bistro Inc. at Ayala, Makati City. He is a very good cook!!

Thank you and Have a nice day!


  1. That really is a sweet life! Your baby is sooooo cute and adorable! ;-)