Thursday, May 28, 2009

ECOPARK Adventure!

Nagkaron kami ng fund raising para lang makapunta sa Ecopark,here also in Quezon City.My best bud Marie Joy but some of our friends called her J.E...i don't know the reason why she used the name J.E instead of Marie.Back to my topic, We earned the money by selling Halo-halo last summer in the cooperation of Thea(one of our business partner).We cooked lot's of foods like Shanghai, fried chicken,rice and maraming junkfoods...hahaha! We realy enjoyed our adventure in Ecopark, we tried wall climbing,boating and especially we took lot's of pictures!!!


  1. hi tlagang kinacareer mo ahh!!!hehehe

  2. my son just loves animals and playtime. will take him to family park tomorrow.